Pounding Reeds Corporation

At the heart of Pounding Reeds Corporation is August AI, our proprietary cognitive platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve real world problems.

Cognitive Platforms

If your organization doesn’t have a “Cognitive” strategy, chances are it will be overrun by an organization that does. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are able to augment human intelligence in such a way as to allow enterprises who utilize these techniques to outperform those who don’t.


Pounding Reeds Corporation  supports company executives with emergent technologies, focusing on cognitive computing, complex adaptive system logistics, and artificial intelligence.  We partner with you to give you peace of mind in today’s technological landscape.

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations for Nature cannot be fooled.”

Richard P Feynman


All inquiries welcome and confidential. Current partners should access the portal directly.